Light and Trees

Light and Trees

Monday, November 29, 2010

A Twisted Horror Film In The Making... THE FUNNY MAN

"The Funny Man is coming..."

Sometimes what you do not see is scarier than what you do see. Those moments when you know something is coming, but you are powerless to do anything about it... Funny Man will employ that kind of tension, and use it like a meat grinder on your nerves. 

My name is Jake Barsha, and I'm making a horror movie... a particularly dark and twisted horror movie.

It's about an attractive young woman named RACHEL who offers a struggling bipolar comedian named LEE HAYES a ride home. Unfortunately, her simple act of kindness is rewarded with more than just a few harmless jokes.

Before the evening ends, RACHEL finds out that LEE has a “twin brother” named MILES, a psychotic and extremely dangerous man who derives pleasure from wearing a creepy sponge-like mask, brutalizing and video-taping his victims.

When RACHEL becomes the latest victim LEE decides to betray his brother in order to help her, but the situation become very unsettling when RACHEL is confronted with the disturbing possibility that MILES and LEE could be the same person.

A couple of years ago I wrote and directed an independent movie that premiered at The Palm Springs International Film Festival and then played several other independent festivals (Strasbourg France and Germany, and SF IndieFest). It was an unusual art house thriller, too horrific to be considered drama, yet too far away from the conventional path to be considered horror. This time there will be no confusion. This project is going all the way. The Funny Man is coming!

If you have a moment, please check out The Funny Man page on Facebook!

I created the page on Facebook to connect with horror film lovers, independent film supporters and enthusiasts who enjoy watching movies with unconventional characters, psychological thrills and twisted elements. I'll be posting updates along the way as the project goes from script to screen, you can also visit the Right Hook Films website for additional info (just click on the picture).

Thanks for supporting The Funny Man!

-Jake Barsha