Light and Trees

Light and Trees

Sunday, December 12, 2010

NAPTE; The Business of Selling Television.

If you're a "big shot" television executive, or even a "little shot" television executive planning to make your mark in the world, you are probably deciding which fedora you are going to wear at the 2011 NAPTE conference and exhibition in January... The exact dates are January 24-26, and the location is Miami... NAPTE stands for the National Association of Television Program Executives, and the big event attracts over 5000 affluent media professional that shape pop culture and have major professional and personal buying power.

The annual Conference & Exhibition is the only American television program market serving the worldwide television community. The three-day market and conference is a key media event if you buy, sell, develop, finance, advertise, market or license content; implement technology; exploit rights; or leverage media assets... the annual Conference & Exhibition will probably determine what you will be seeing on television and perhaps the internet, for years to come. As the momentum steadily builds, along comes the buzz. Rick Feldman, President/CEO of NAPTE and Kevin Beggs, NAPTE Chairman (and LIONSGATE President -Programming/Production), have announced;

"...pacing is far ahead of last year's conference."

Big Wigs from more than 40+ countries are registered to attend... Motivated by two major factors. One, the thrill of gambling on something exciting and new, and two, the fear of missing out on the next "best thing". In previous years the annual NAPTE conference took place in Las Vegas, just a hop skip and a jump away from Hollywood.
Rick Feldman mentioned that while Las Vegas had been a good venue for NAPTE in the past, representatives from European companies are in particular happier NAPTE has moved to a more logistically and geographically better environment.

Visit the NAPTE website to view the schedule and list of confirmed event speakers.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Walking Dead has been rated the number one series in basic cable history. “Just don’t get any on your skin or on your eyes…”

If you didn’t know that you could hack apart a human corpse and smear the rotten chunks of flesh and rancid blood all over your clothing to avoid zombie detection, then you haven’t watched THE WALKING DEAD.

THE WALKING DEAD has been rated the number one series in basic cable history with a season average of 3.5 million viewers.

The reported viewer demographic is 18-49… Perhaps if they counted the fragile minds of the younger viewers who undoubtedly have sneaked a peek at the bloody mayhem flowing freely on AMC the numbers might be higher. After all, the show is based on a black-and-white American comic book series of the same name published by Image Comics back in 2003.

I had a chance to see part of the debut episode on Halloween. The story chronicles the hardship of a group of people trying to survive in a world stricken by a zombie apocalypse. The first episode offered a brutal opening scene in which the main character of the show (played by Andrew Lincoln) blows the head off of a 12 year old blond girl when he realizes she is a zombie, then employed nonlinear flashbacks to introduce a couple of additional characters and enough back-story to peak viewer curiosity. I won’t give anything away here… (oxymoron) I mean, what’s there to give away? It’s a zombie show, us against them... nothing new, yet still compelling and more interesting to watch than many of the other shows out there. In any case, I’m sure youngsters across the nation are talking about it - finally something worth paying attention to on basic cable.

Speaking of zombies... thought you might like this to go with it.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dexter: Season Six on The Horizon!

The serial killer people hate to love will be back for another season of bloody murder.

Showtime is renewing Dexter for a sixth season on the eve of the fifth season's finale airing this Sunday at 9p. Production on the sixth season will begin next spring in Los Angeles.

Michael C. Hall, the actor who took home the Golden Globe Award in the category Best Actor in a Television Drama Series for playing Dexter in 2010, will return to satisfy the vicarious fantasies of his bloodthirsty fans. According to the Los Angeles Times, almost 3 million viewers watch Dexter habitually.

Reportedly, Dexter has killed roughly 70 people. Inner dialogue during the first episode of Season 5 confirmed Dexter's kill count to be 67 proper victims who "deserved" to die.

As serial killers go, Dexter’s kill count places him somewhere between Yang Xinhai AKA “The Monster” who killed 65 people in four Chinese provinces, and Donald Henry Gaskins, the child-murderer from South Carolina. Of course, there is a critical factor that separates real-life serial killers from Dexter Morgan… Dexter’s victims are serial killers.

Any forecasts on the kill count after season six?